Entry #2


2017-02-27 17:47:08 by MONGOL9999999

NG has deleted my flash and a load of others.
It's all to do with Copywrighted music and shit.
I honestly don't think Black Flag give a shit that I used 30 seconds of their song and made something "creative" out of it.
Internet nowadays is too "safe", too political and creativity is being ruined by corporate greed.
I get flash is pretty much dying atm as much as I hate to say but like Youtube, Facebook and shit is just the norm and it's all fucking monitored and SFW Mary Whitehouse bullshit.
I loved Newgrounds as a kid cause there was tons of funny and edgy shit, it's sad to see it ruined like this.  :(
Might start animating/drawing more soon though, I miss it, kinda way too busy with music and other shit atm though and I need ideas aaaaaaaa.